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Free gym and chicken roast

Went to hanee’s place today to use her gym – its included in her apartment lease so i plan to take as much of an advantage of it while i can haha.
She’s never really used the gym before so it’s up to me to show her around the equipment. Which is kinda tougher than i thought it would be! I didn’t realise that planning the schedule and exercises would be so different between guys and girls. ..
I guess i just don’t know slash never really understood how hard it is when you’re just starting out and never really did many sports or exercised before.

Ended up turning to a women’s exercise magazine i got online for help haha. Guess I’d better learn quick. Haven’t been to the gym myself in a while so it’s tough for me too.

…….and after i managed to devour a whole roast chicken. Hey, protein am i right?

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