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More late night food

Poutine this time. Decided to get something random so ended up with the regular curry chicken flavored poutine. Was actually not as disgusting as it sounds haha.
Though it was hard to differentiate between the cheese curds and the actual chicken!


I took some other pictures that tried to make it look good but dunno what happened to them..
To be honest though, they all pretty much looked the same in the end.

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Boiling Hot Thunderstormy Tornadoes

Hello Hello! Currently Im at the Starbucks along Yonge / College St. waiting for Hanee and chatting, looking for jobs and just generally updating!

Its boiling hot at the moment outside, i very nearly died trying to move my luggage from the lockers at the bus station of Bay & Dundas to the backpackers haha. I have my umbrella though because apparantly there’s a tornado storm warning for Toronto at some point in the present/future. Yesterday however, was a party of rain showers, thunderstorms and lightning flashes – You’d almost think you were at a strobe-light party! The weather here seems to be very undecisive and all over the place.

Anyway- No flat whites. No roundabouts. They drive on the wrong side. Paying for stuff here is weird – eg. when you see something on the shelf for 20 bucks, you’re gonna end up paying more about $27 / $30 bucks, minus tips.

Weirder are cell phone plans… so here you gotta pay for everything. like EVERYTHING. A standard Roger’s plan (not really much prepay here) is like $10 service fee – $10 unlimited calling within CA $7 texting, $5 for Caller ID, and little charges for stull like call forwarding, voicemail, call waiting, group calling. Its bullshittt. And did i mention you have to pay for receiving calls and texts as well?
So whatever that amounts to, add govt. service tax, and round it upwards about 10 – 15 bucks and there you have it. Strange.
(Mel if youre reading this and get deja-vu, forgive me)

News of the flat-hunt: First place I saw was a total stunner. Underground room with space for a queen bed, no windows, smelt slightly of urine, beside a yoga room.

Second place was.. okay, nothing much to say.

Third place was a couple of subway stops away, not too far from town, would be living with a South American husband and wife. I told him that I’d call him back this evening after i’ve checked out a couple more places today.

Today, Im gonna check out a homestay that i’d found – the lady hosts quite often and id only stay for a month. Which I reckon is quite good for me as It’d give me proper time and a base in which to find a job. As well as time to look for a possible Oct 1st place to live! So hopefully that will turn out well… details later!

Im just waiting for pictures to upload,,, la la lalala humming to starbucks music…

..thanks Kazu for seeing me off at the airport!!

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