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Random pictures from my phone. The ones from my camera come later




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Couchsurfing is still awesome

Met our couchsurfer safely, at bonaventure station. He and his girlfriend took us to the local beer festival, and it was great fun!

We tried some random beers, either made from mushrooms or hibiscus, or other random stuff. There was this ginger one that actually tasted quite like ginger, it was kinda weird.

The flat we’re in now is really quite nice, three bedrooms shared between two guys and they only pay three hundred bucks each for rent! Seems unbelievable.

So all three, Thomas, his girlfriend and flatmate are all musicians by the way. They play jazz guitar, the violin and the bass respectively.. how cool is that? These guys are cool as heck.

Anyway, looking forward to checking out more places in Montreal tomorrow! Old port, botanical gardens and maybe mcgill university here we come!

Also, crèpes tomorrow for breakfast! Maple syruppppppp

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On the road to Montreal

Currently sitting on the most comfy bus trip that I’ve ever been on… me and jack are heading to Montreal for the weekend, will be back home Monday around midnight, just in time for work slash school haha.

We got here early so got one of the best seats on the bus, the very front of the second floor. Trips lookin good so far!

Had our lunch of fruits and a salmon slash ham sandwich, and just woke up from a short nap. Back hurts, but the fact that we have space to put our legs up makes up for that haha.

When we get to the station (metro berri uqam), we’re buying a three day metropass and heading to bonaventure station to meet our couchsurfer host.
More details will follow as we get to know him!


Weather’s awesome by the way.


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Christie street .. for Korean food


Gonna go eat me some Korean food at christie station. I know there really isn’t any Korean restaurants in the photo.. cause they’re all around the corner. Just posting while waiting at the park.

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Toronto Islands

Weather’s been getting way better these days! Definitely affecting my moods now that it’s sunnier and I don’t have to spend the days indoors in my still window-less room. (I have two lamps and a curtain now though so I can at least pretend that there’s yay!)

Me and a group of friends checked out Toronto Island last weekend – been meaning to but didn’t really make sense to go in the cold. Toronto Island’s about 15 – 20 minutes away from the downtown Toronto harbour by ferry – and it only costs 6.50 for a return trip. It was surprisingly peaceful and nature-istic there … might be spending more time over there especially now that I have a bike and can ride away from the crowds!

It was a pretty good day when we went, so we dropped by a sobey’s on the way and bought some barbecue stuff. Also, one of Chuck’s friends, Salom, brought his wife and baby there so the day was filled with baby cuteness. Per this photo:



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