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Way back home

Currently hogging two seats on the bus on the way back to Toronto from Montreal. Tried to upload a video before but its just not working. Oh, the videos i took on my crappy phone camera are too bad  quality to be watched anyway.
So yeah, back to work tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday, and then koko is coming over Thursday night. Hmmm haven’t told him that hanee is the one that’s going to be picking him up at pearson yet. Ill try and talk to him soon. Or if you’re reading this then i guess i won’t have to!
I guess the next week is going to be a big week, heading to niagara falls on the Friday i believe..
Plus, i haven’t really decided yet, but this girl came by the apartment just before i left for Montreal to let me know that’s she’s moving out due to a family emergency. Haven’t had a chance to look at her place yet, but the rent isn’t that much higher.. if its a nice room ( and apparently its got a big window) then i might actually think about it. Ill check out the place first i guess.
Anyway so yeah, Montreal’s done, it was heaps of fun and really interesting! Montrealeans have quite an awesome culture that’s for sure.

Thanks again Thomas and Francois for hosting me and jack while in Montreal! We’re really grateful anxiety hope to repay you somehow someday. Salut!

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Couchsurfing is still awesome

Met our couchsurfer safely, at bonaventure station. He and his girlfriend took us to the local beer festival, and it was great fun!

We tried some random beers, either made from mushrooms or hibiscus, or other random stuff. There was this ginger one that actually tasted quite like ginger, it was kinda weird.

The flat we’re in now is really quite nice, three bedrooms shared between two guys and they only pay three hundred bucks each for rent! Seems unbelievable.

So all three, Thomas, his girlfriend and flatmate are all musicians by the way. They play jazz guitar, the violin and the bass respectively.. how cool is that? These guys are cool as heck.

Anyway, looking forward to checking out more places in Montreal tomorrow! Old port, botanical gardens and maybe mcgill university here we come!

Also, crèpes tomorrow for breakfast! Maple syruppppppp

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Nearly Christmas!

Wow time sure goes by fast. Its already Christmas 2011 and the New Year is steadily approaching. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I guess there hasn’t really been all that much happening apart from work and the crazy Christmas celebrations they have here in North America. 

I’m not that into Christmas myself, I think i’m just gonna have a chill time with some friends and rest up – cause I start work at 7am on boxing day! The past two weeks have been pretty full on at work. It might get a little crazy instore on boxing day but I guess i’ll see. Later today i’m going to be meeting some friends for lunch, haha and then come back to bed I guess. Ever since I got this electric blanket my bed has been too comfortable to leave.

On that note, it’s also really getting cold outside. Yesterday while waiting for the bus to come everyone was huddled in the little shelter that was provided, trying to get out of the wind. It was freezing! Also, it didn’t help that the bus was like 20 minutes late. Hmmm hopefully the service won’t slow down too much with the coming of the snow. Should be any time now, it keeps snowing randomly but nothing too serious. It’s meant to be snowing all day for Christmas though!


Here’s some photos from the time I’ve neglected to blog recently – these particular ones are from AluCine, the latin film festival that I volunteered at. It was pretty cool, a little small though, and there really wasn’t all that much for us volunteers to do. I spent the time trying to figure out what the projectionist was doing and waiting for my cue to turn on/off the lighting. Also, free margaritas!



Hit the jump for more photos, mainly backstage.

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Halloween 2011

So Halloween just passed yesterday, and it was a pretty cool experience for me. Probably because New Zealand and Malaysia don’t really celebrate it much it was pretty exciting seeing people in costumes all over the place. Since Halloween was on a Monday, all the partygoers were out in force starting Friday pretty much. Some fun costumes I saw included: Where’s Wally, Mario, Iron Man, Team Fortress, Zebras, and tons of angels, demons, zombies and whatnot. I wasn’t really out all that much though.

What was more impressive was the actual Halloween itself. Suddenly the drunk people in costumes were replaced by hyper toddlers, screaming babies and kids who look a little too old to be trick-or-treating. The amount of candy these kids got was ridiculous though – I spotted buckets and garbage bags just full of the stuff! Makes me want to be a kid again just so I could get like a year’s worth of candy in one night.

Anyway I took some pictures, it was kinda hard though cause using flash would take away the effects of the lights and the decorations.

I also put up some random pictures that me and Hanee took during Nuit Blanche – but don’t expect anything too artistic.

Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures and a short video

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