Free gym and chicken roast

Went to hanee’s place today to use her gym – its included in her apartment lease so i plan to take as much of an advantage of it while i can haha.
She’s never really used the gym before so it’s up to me to show her around the equipment. Which is kinda tougher than i thought it would be! I didn’t realise that planning the schedule and exercises would be so different between guys and girls. ..
I guess i just don’t know slash never really understood how hard it is when you’re just starting out and never really did many sports or exercised before.

Ended up turning to a women’s exercise magazine i got online for help haha. Guess I’d better learn quick. Haven’t been to the gym myself in a while so it’s tough for me too.

…….and after i managed to devour a whole roast chicken. Hey, protein am i right?

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2 thoughts on “Free gym and chicken roast

  1. Yes, you do need the protein. Your mama bought 2 big bottles of whey protein (when she was involved in Warehouse promotion) for herself and I was using her whey sample – so we do have a lot of protein at home too. Intend to drink after walk but didnot get to doing it.
    Hanee’s place equal to Hanee’s parents place? or she is having her own apartment?

    • 0jay says:

      She’s living with her friend and another girl in a two bedroom apartment. Downtown, not in Mississauga.

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