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High Park and Cherry Blossoms

One more quick post – the other day I decided to test my bike out and head to High Park (about 15 minutes away from where I live at the moment) and check out the cherry blossoms that are meant to be quite popular.

I read about it on a couchsurfing link and decided to go on a whim. The bike ride wasn’t too bad – took the side streets for most of the way there and avoided the main highways (esp. since I dont have a helmet yet (yet! am gonna get one soon))
So yeah… here are the photos. I went straight after work so I was a little tired after I got back but definitely felt better after getting a little exercise (and a shower). Been way too unfit for my liking recently.

Check out my bike! Wooooooo

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Toronto Islands

Weather’s been getting way better these days! Definitely affecting my moods now that it’s sunnier and I don’t have to spend the days indoors in my still window-less room. (I have two lamps and a curtain now though so I can at least pretend that there’s yay!)

Me and a group of friends checked out Toronto Island last weekend – been meaning to but didn’t really make sense to go in the cold. Toronto Island’s about 15 – 20 minutes away from the downtown Toronto harbour by ferry – and it only costs 6.50 for a return trip. It was surprisingly peaceful and nature-istic there … might be spending more time over there especially now that I have a bike and can ride away from the crowds!

It was a pretty good day when we went, so we dropped by a sobey’s on the way and bought some barbecue stuff. Also, one of Chuck’s friends, Salom, brought his wife and baby there so the day was filled with baby cuteness. Per this photo:



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