Nearly Christmas!

Wow time sure goes by fast. Its already Christmas 2011 and the New Year is steadily approaching. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I guess there hasn’t really been all that much happening apart from work and the crazy Christmas celebrations they have here in North America. 

I’m not that into Christmas myself, I think i’m just gonna have a chill time with some friends and rest up – cause I start work at 7am on boxing day! The past two weeks have been pretty full on at work. It might get a little crazy instore on boxing day but I guess i’ll see. Later today i’m going to be meeting some friends for lunch, haha and then come back to bed I guess. Ever since I got this electric blanket my bed has been too comfortable to leave.

On that note, it’s also really getting cold outside. Yesterday while waiting for the bus to come everyone was huddled in the little shelter that was provided, trying to get out of the wind. It was freezing! Also, it didn’t help that the bus was like 20 minutes late. Hmmm hopefully the service won’t slow down too much with the coming of the snow. Should be any time now, it keeps snowing randomly but nothing too serious. It’s meant to be snowing all day for Christmas though!


Here’s some photos from the time I’ve neglected to blog recently – these particular ones are from AluCine, the latin film festival that I volunteered at. It was pretty cool, a little small though, and there really wasn’t all that much for us volunteers to do. I spent the time trying to figure out what the projectionist was doing and waiting for my cue to turn on/off the lighting. Also, free margaritas!



Hit the jump for more photos, mainly backstage.



This was the premiere of the festival, so we had to organize a little party slash dinner for everyone. It was pretty awesome cause we got to meet some of the filmmakers and the producers of some of the films. We chatted about what techniques (which my limited knowledge from high school allowed me to kinda keep up with) and how it is being in the industry in this day and time. Turns out it’s way hard…



The back room was really interesting though and I tried to take interesting shots of the equipment – although there wasn’t really all that much space so that limited my shots a bit. Also I didn’t want to get in the way of the projectionist!

But being in the projection room and helping out with the lighting and seeing it all happen was pretty cool, I guess I understand much more about the running of a theater and also of the machinery.



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3 thoughts on “Nearly Christmas!

  1. Nice and you are experiencung somthing new. Will post some photos to G+ for our dinner last night

  2. Jian says:

    Nice pictures! I like the last few in the projection room.

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