Neighborhood Pictures, Nick from Taiwan, Haircuts

So am currently talking to my sister on Skype while writing this. Putting some posts up so you guys get a general look at what the place I’m living at is like.

What it looks like just outside my apartment in the morning.

This is a park near my house.. around 10 minutes walk away? I guess it won’t really be used once winter comes though.

Hit the jump for the rest of the post.

The subway!

What it looks like on the inside. Though the old trains are getting replaced by new ones, maybe in the next year or so?

View of the parking lot outside Yorkdale mall. This is only one bit of it though.

..and the inside.

Also, we (me and Hanee) met Nick, one of our good friends in Uppsala! After returning from his army training in Taiwan, he’s currently now studying his masters in Rochester. He and his friends drove and it took only about 3 hours! So I guess that’ll be my destination when I have to leave and re-enter Canada? Or one of the options at least. It was really good to see him again though! We haven’t really met anyone else from Sweden yet.. all our best friends are either in Japan or Korea.

.. we hit this restaurant called Jack Astors, along with the 11 friends he brought with him. It was a pretty awesome night. Although in the end one of his friend’s cars got towed away, hope it was alright in the end.

……also I got a haircut.

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3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Pictures, Nick from Taiwan, Haircuts

  1. Mama says:

    Love seeing your photos.

  2. Jian says:

    Yeah Rochester’s probably the closest to where you are. It’s a crappy town though. Rains like 200/365 days of the year.

  3. The hairdresser’s place is much bigger than Aha

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