Here’s the form in which you buy milk in. In the bag are three smaller bags of milk. I remember my homestay mum telling me that it was common among the people she knows to buy large quantities and freeze it…
..and then take it out bag by bag. Weird eh?

Plastic Bags full of Milk

They also have like special containers to hold these plastic bags btw. Im not sure if that’s really the way to go cause people don’t seem to recycle the milk bags.. bottles might actually be better. I miss them anyways.

EDIT: The stuff behind me is mainly juice and cream and yogurt and stuff. Not all milk.

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5 thoughts on “Milk!

  1. Mama says:

    Hey is that a new pair of specs? What happened to your other pair?

  2. 0jay says:

    Nono, they’re just nonpowered glasses. I’m wearing contacts.

  3. Jian says:

    Canada eh? We get regular milk bottles here in the US!

  4. I think tetrapak cannot be recycled

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