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Since cece reminded me, here’s a photo of the milk container:

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Neighborhood Pictures, Nick from Taiwan, Haircuts

So am currently talking to my sister on Skype while writing this. Putting some posts up so you guys get a general look at what the place I’m living at is like.

What it looks like just outside my apartment in the morning.

This is a park near my house.. around 10 minutes walk away? I guess it won’t really be used once winter comes though.

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….at my CV’s thanks.

CV1 – Less formal and more eye-catching

CV2 – Standard, but tidied up a lot

Edit: Btw so you don’t get surprised or anything I decided to change the name I put on my resume.

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Here’s the form in which you buy milk in. In the bag are three smaller bags of milk. I remember my homestay mum telling me that it was common among the people she knows to buy large quantities and freeze it…
..and then take it out bag by bag. Weird eh?

Plastic Bags full of Milk

They also have like special containers to hold these plastic bags btw. Im not sure if that’s really the way to go cause people don’t seem to recycle the milk bags.. bottles might actually be better. I miss them anyways.

EDIT: The stuff behind me is mainly juice and cream and yogurt and stuff. Not all milk.

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Halloween 2011

So Halloween just passed yesterday, and it was a pretty cool experience for me. Probably because New Zealand and Malaysia don’t really celebrate it much it was pretty exciting seeing people in costumes all over the place. Since Halloween was on a Monday, all the partygoers were out in force starting Friday pretty much. Some fun costumes I saw included: Where’s Wally, Mario, Iron Man, Team Fortress, Zebras, and tons of angels, demons, zombies and whatnot. I wasn’t really out all that much though.

What was more impressive was the actual Halloween itself. Suddenly the drunk people in costumes were replaced by hyper toddlers, screaming babies and kids who look a little too old to be trick-or-treating. The amount of candy these kids got was ridiculous though – I spotted buckets and garbage bags just full of the stuff! Makes me want to be a kid again just so I could get like a year’s worth of candy in one night.

Anyway I took some pictures, it was kinda hard though cause using flash would take away the effects of the lights and the decorations.

I also put up some random pictures that me and Hanee took during Nuit Blanche – but don’t expect anything too artistic.

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