JX and GoStop

Hello, there!

This is Hanee – the guest blogger! Tah-dah! Jian-Xin was kind enough to offer me this section of his blog last night when he was completely into a sense of self-fulfillment after renovating his blog. He was also kind enough to let me write anything and post any pictures of him, so I guess I will be sharing things he doesn’t write or post here (especially things he might be embarrassed to talk about).

Lately, Jian-Xin has been into learning Korean card game called GoStop, ever since last weekend when I and one of my best friends, Anna, taught him how to play it. This game is basically about gaining points by pairing up each card set. The rule is simple, but usually quite confusing to people playing it for the first time since there are 12 different sets composed of 4 cards each. Jian-Xin was just learning it so he wasn’t winning at the beginning, but surprisingly doing good enough that he wasn’t losing all that bad. In fact, he was learning fast, frequently taking away all my cards. We were recording points earned in each round, having agreed to this wasabi-punishment rule – anyone with the least point by the end of the game was to enjoy a teaspoon of wasabi paste.

I think we had been playing it for an hour and a half and Jian-Xin was hardly winning any round until the last round, losing by more than 50 points. I was expecting that Jian-Xin would enjoy this opportunity and so did Anna. And guess what? In this very LAST round… Jian-Xin earned 64 points!! SIXTY-FOUR points in a single round!!! Just to briefly mention how one can achieve a win in this game… when there are 3 people playing, the minimum point one has to get in order to win is 3 points. Based on which sets of cards the person has and how many cards he has in total, his final points can be multiplied. It’s usually hard to just achieve that minimum 3 points. No need to say it is extremely harder to get 64 points in one round, especially when you’re just learning how to play this game. So yeah.. Jian-Xin got 64 points in this final round, outscoring me by only a few points. What a dramatic ending… So I had to eat wasabi in the end… having whom-I-thought-was-my-boy-friend watching me and laughing at me like an 8-year-old evil kid.

Ten days later or so, we found this game application of Facebook. Played it for half an hour, and this time, Jian-Xin scored 2000 points!! I guess he had learned it already somewhere and was just acting innocent. Otherwise, things can’t really explain it… So yeah… He’s become quite a master in this game only in a few days. (Not that I’m saying he was playing it quite often in his early days in Toronto… Ehem.) I probably shouldn’t play it anymore with him for his sake.

Facebook message: JX said…
you should say that
this was quite early on in the stay
and we havent played all together since
cause ive been soooo busy

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One thought on “JX and GoStop

  1. Well done Hanee and enjoyed reading this post. As for GoStop the game, I am lost as with any other card game.

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