Graveyard Stroll….

It’s labour day today! That means it’s a holiday for most, not really for the unemployed though. We just kinda get on with life. For me, that means taking a morning stroll through the neighbouring graveyard, Prospect Cemetary. It’s actually quite a large graveyard, and quite a few people visiting. Probably cause it’s a holiday today? Not too sure… most of the graves seemed to have fresh bunches of flowers and wreaths.

So anyway, took a few photos here and there, tried not to step on any graves, disrespect anyone or anything that might be paying attention to me, and got on with putting one foot in front of the other.

Hit the jump for a couple, more to follow as soon as I get around to finishing editing them.

PS: I have a guest blogger post coming up soon! Excited?

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One thought on “Graveyard Stroll….

  1. What is the history of this graveyard?

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