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JX and GoStop

Hello, there!

This is Hanee – the guest blogger! Tah-dah! Jian-Xin was kind enough to offer me this section of his blog last night when he was completely into a sense of self-fulfillment after renovating his blog. He was also kind enough to let me write anything and post any pictures of him, so I guess I will be sharing things he doesn’t write or post here (especially things he might be embarrassed to talk about).

Lately, Jian-Xin has been into learning Korean card game called GoStop, ever since last weekend when I and one of my best friends, Anna, taught him how to play it. This game is basically about gaining points by pairing up each card set. The rule is simple, but usually quite confusing to people playing it for the first time since there are 12 different sets composed of 4 cards each. Jian-Xin was just learning it so he wasn’t winning at the beginning, but surprisingly doing good enough that he wasn’t losing all that bad. In fact, he was learning fast, frequently taking away all my cards. We were recording points earned in each round, having agreed to this wasabi-punishment rule – anyone with the least point by the end of the game was to enjoy a teaspoon of wasabi paste.

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Graveyard Stroll….

It’s labour day today! That means it’s a holiday for most, not really for the unemployed though. We just kinda get on with life. For me, that means taking a morning stroll through the neighbouring graveyard, Prospect Cemetary. It’s actually quite a large graveyard, and quite a few people visiting. Probably cause it’s a holiday today? Not too sure… most of the graves seemed to have fresh bunches of flowers and wreaths.

So anyway, took a few photos here and there, tried not to step on any graves, disrespect anyone or anything that might be paying attention to me, and got on with putting one foot in front of the other.

Hit the jump for a couple, more to follow as soon as I get around to finishing editing them.

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Notice Anything Different?

So my blog grew up. Instead of the kid in baggy jeans and oversized shows, it has morphed into a suave, suit-and-tie (and shiny shoes) professional.
..yeah, thats not a hopeful metaphor for aaanything at all.

But yeah, I decided it was about time to change things around here. While I was shopping for new themes that would fit the new header that I made, I quite liked the slick minimalist style that this ‘Chunk Theme’ has. And you know what? Turns out that this was made by someone I know! How cool is that?
..Tran Nguyen, fellow winner of the myOE arc of 2010 (featured elsewhere in this blog) made this theme! It goes without saying that I am super impressed.

So I havent taken very many pictures to lately, I’m not too sure why. Note to self: Carry a charged camera around more often and photobomb take interesting snaps to share with the world.
‘World’ being the readers that I have, anyway.
Fine, so I don’t have that many readers.
Okay, they’re just family.
Shut up, I can google myself if I want to.

Speaking of family, my mum just got out of surgery the other day. She had had to remove her gall bladder, because it turns out gallstones cause a lot of pain and grief. I’m glad the surgery went well, and that she had a great birthday (!) as well. Card is on the way, I swear!

So the UofT campus is actually pretty impressive. It’s historically a collegiate university, meaning it’s comprised of twelve colleges, each with its own history and traditions before they became mutually known as the ‘University of Toronto’.
This also means that the campus is quite a bit larger than the University of Victoria, of course.

Toronto has subways and is flat though, so it’s less of a hassle to get between campuses. Recently I started using their library, cause while my basement is pretty awesome, i’ll need some pretense of being socially accepted here in Toronto. I’ll be going to a couchsurfing meeting on Tuesday (after Labour Day) so here’s to making some friends! Yay!

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures.

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