St. Clarens – my home for the month

So I finally got out of the Downtown backpackers inn, and into the homestay which I will be at for the month. The place is miles different from what I’ve been staying at before… Downtowner was really a pain in the butt to live in.

..Review time!
Pros: Bed to sleep in for the night, kitchen (though I didn’t really use it much), dubstep posters on the wall, half the time the people I stayed with were cool and fun to talk to.
Cons: The other half, seriously squeaky dorm bed frames, half the bathroom missing, no hot water for the first three nights, no internet (well, there was but the router didn’t work), really weird mattress, unidentified plastic bag with green stuff that noone dared to touch.

So, quite glad to be away from it, all in all. Hope the people I met and exchanged contact details contact me though! Anyway, after a serious mission to lug all my stuff to the homestay, one can suppose I am now Established. Similar to a canine marking its territory in pee – I’ve sniffed and prodded every nook and cranny in the basement that I’m staying in for some hint of potential trouble. But it all checked out, for now anyway.

Now, I say basement, but its really a separate room and is quite comfortable. Heres a sneak preview:

My bed

..hit the jump for more in-depth photo coverage. (so it doesn’t take a billion years to load this blog.. im learning!)

Second Floor


Living Room

Anyhoo – that’s all done, I had to come back to town today to change my phone which broke down, but I most probably won’t be doing so tomorrow. Home-cooked food here I come! SO cannot wait! Let’s see if I can pick up some South American styles of cooking.

And on a side note – got a message from Alan saying ” yes coming to toronto tommorow , bus was delayed stuck in NY due to hurricane IRENE ” yesterday. I gave him my number but no word on where he is at the moment, nor do I have any clue as to what time he is meant to be arriving, not to mention whereabouts. Maybe If i go to the roof of a building I can play a real-life version of ‘Where’s Wally?’ (well, ‘Where’s Waldo’ over here I suppose). Ill just do my own thing till he messages me.

..Alan you Wally where are you? (see what I did there)

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4 thoughts on “St. Clarens – my home for the month

  1. Pao says:

    your new place looks really nice 🙂

  2. Jian says:

    Very nice and you’re welcome on the pro blogging tips (like making the more link).

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