So I’m kind of in the middle of three choices right now.

Option one: $500 per month. Requires me to take the subway ($3 each trip). Live with a South American married couple. Okay with rent until january, february. Furnished. No living room, shared kitchen and bathroom. First and Last.

Option two: $770 for ONE month, Food INCLUDED. Requires subway trip. Live with a South American family and two other ESL students. Well Furnished, great house, nice rooms, very spacious. Bathroom to myself. Upfront Payment.

Option three: Keep looking.

Will visit one more place today in central, $500 p/m, unsure if he’s okay with my job-hunting situation.

Decisions tonight!! Leaning towards homestay out of the above two options, as it gives me time to look for a job and time to look for a 1 Oct lease. Want to talk to parents (!!) but wifi at the hostel is having problems and now it’s too late in NZ. At a starbucks now – will be slurping my frap at a snail’s pace haha. Guess i’ll decide by myself. Let me know what you think, if you can.

Later Alligator

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5 thoughts on “Decisions..

  1. Will leave skype on about 12 -2 pm on weekends. If you see us on skype call us or if we see you we will call you. Have you checked the one in central yet?

  2. The first choice gives you more time, do you have to commit to the length of stay upfront? Second choice gives you more privacy but then what if you don’t eat that much at the place, you will have to spend more money. Food is 3 meals or 2? One month seems a bit short. A bit hard to decide. Which family has the nicer people?

  3. 0jay says:

    No, the one in central ended up being taken. I ended up taking the homestay for the one month, I’ll just have to watch my spending and make sandwiches when I go out. (Like i’m doing now haha) Food includes all three – lots of cereals and stuff for lunch, dinner can be had whenever.
    The families are both quite nice, but I guess the homestay family is a little more social. Both of them are realtors and are friendly with the neighbours. Have paid deposit and picked up contract yesterday, as well as put my big luggage bag there for the moment, am living off my duffel bag – really glad I brought it!
    Jacqueline (the mum) told me to tell you guys that she will take good care of me and you don’t have to worry haha!
    Guess it will be my first time living with South Americans, kinda looking forward to it. Maybe I can learn some of their cooking..

  4. Good. Now you have a place to stay and can start the process of settling down in this big big city of Toronto. Have you been to any China Town, Korean Town or Japanese Town yet ?

    • 0jay says:

      Haha yeah finally! It’s still all a little daunting to me though. Yeah been to korean town and china town and little italy – but those are just names really, every couple of blocks in toronto feels different. And of course if you travel maybe half an hour somewhere else (not yet the suburbs though) its different again. Missisauga (where Hanee lives) is a different city altogether and has its own hub. So i guess after moving to St. Clair’s I wont be heading to downtown all that often unless I have to.

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