Quikpost: From one backpackers to another

Hi there again, yes im still here in Toronto and yes i’m still alive. Which is good news all around i’m sure. Just a quick post today before I leave my backpackers here on Pembroke St. and hauling my ass (and stuff) alllllll the 100 metres to another backpackers on Pembroke St.

Called a million places last night and this morning, awaiting replies on several places and going to check out a couple of rooms this afternoon and hopefully one this evening. Looking forward to having a proper place to stay to start the next phase of operations: A job!

Met some of Hanee’s friends yesterday. A little awkward but survived. Think I didnt come off as FOP (Fresh Off Plane) as I’d dreaded. Will meet her brother (tentatively) this weekend, I’m sure I’ll have another couple of updates by then.

In summary.. still alive, still optimistic, didn’t burn all my money in the first few days, havent yet lost anything. Woo!

Time to haul butt!

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One thought on “Quikpost: From one backpackers to another

  1. Jian says:

    Hahaha why are you moving so much? Good luck passing the “brother test”…

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