I would do it all again, two amazing weeks in the UK with myOE!

I miss the music.

Between Silver’s guitar, Emma’s voice and love of theater, Helen’s singing and the general BGM from everyone else – there never seemed to be a quiet moment during the last two weeks in the UK. Always there was a tune in my head, some song that we would sing or hum on the tube or the train. Slash karaoke.

I miss the times where we would try to top each other with degrading jokes – though I never could top Matt – and running around trying to figure out what we were doing next. Everyday was something new and exciting, and not once did I feel down or bored when hanging out with you guys in the UK.

EDIT: hit the jump for a tiny little photo gallery

What an experience the last month or so have been – campaigning was a bitch must admit – but we all tried our hardest to stand out and succeeded. Turns out the easy part was getting there, its the trip coming back that was hard.

I think we got on pretty well as a group, even through a little tension sometimes. We all meant well, and im sure we’d do it all again in the space of a heartbeat. I think living together like that really put us in a great position to become close – plus the great atmosphere of the guesthouse in general. I wont forget when I saw my room for the first time and it had a super comfortable looking queen bed and en-suite!

Liverpool, the first city we headed to after London, was great. I think we were still a little hyper from arriving in the first place – but we ended up having a great big tour of the Beatles and the Cavern Club. Silver went a little crazy at the gift shop (with postcards and stickers about two inches thick) but it was well worth it in the end.

I must say, I have a lot more respect for the Beatles after learning so much about them. And how sad was the John Lennon ‘Imagine’ room at the end?

The fun part was – that we headed over there pretty much at sale times. I managed to get two shirts, seven pairs of socks, and pj pants for just 8 pounds (16NZD). Also, I think that when Ollie came, it changed the atmosphere of the group, really. It was kinda like – finally, we were all together now, you know?
Plus Matt had to move into Dan’s room.. how sweet! Haha

Anyway, Im sure group three was glad to have him, to complete the group at last. It musta sucked for him to make the Sydney – Hong Kong – Heathrow trip alone though, wish his exams would have finished earlier! Still, the real good times started after Ollie came!

We heard last year’s group had to lug it around in the combi van the whole time – not saying it’s a bad thing, but maybe we were a little spoilt with the train tickets we were given! Though we didn’t manage to sit together all of the time, I reckon the train trips were quite amazingly fun (Who doesn’t love trains?) Felt a little sorry for Frankie – who had to drive the combi van still.

Journey: 4 hours and 25 minutes to Edinburgh central station. I met an amazing French girl on the way, she was going around England working on archaeological sites – discovering treasures and relics. She was a little gutted cause she wouldn’t be able to go to Stonehenge near Bath, but I sent her a postcard with a picture on it so all good.
Plus – I beat Andrew in the pistachio nut eating competition… ’nuff said. Landslide victory.

PS: Went to Kings Cross Platform 9 3/4 jealous? Think Emma has a picture of us going through the wall, even. Surprising though how lacking London was in Harry Potter stuff – told my friend I’d buy her a Gryffindor scarf as well… gah.
Emma managed to get her sister a wand though, Sirius Black’s I think, from Hamley’s.
And of course, I remembered to represent my group Nine – check out the next picture carefully haha.

Ohoh, and – randomest day, has to be when we saw (and met) the Wiggles as well as attended the first ever World Cup of Elvis Impersonators. Anthony (the blue Wiggle) was the uncle of Anthony (Silver) and so we lucked out I suppose. The Wiggles in person was exactly as I thought them to be, but man the guy in yellow is way old to be doing jumping backflips!

Anyway – we stayed mostly at the St. Christopher Inns round the UK. Pretty sure we made it to each and every one of their establishments. Bunks were pretty good, showers not. But manageable.
Don’t even get me started about the showers in Bath though. Shit got weird in Bath.

We never did finish our Foosball game did we, Ollie? Lucky I still have the ball!
Think this was about the time I went to see ‘Blood Brothers’ with Emma. The rest weren’t very interested, but well, its their loss! The show was amazingly good! It was a story about how two brothers, separated at birth, endured the differences in class and status in society to become friends. And the day they found out they were real brothers was the day they died – a bit of a downer story, but amazing nonetheless.

Avenue Q was awesome too – though we sat in the furthest seats possible from the stage haha. But the songs and dialogue were hilarious, yet true.

Postcards! Us kiwis secretly wrote all the others heartfelt messages on postcards for all the others to treasure, thoughtful, right? We really write quite a lot, quite fast, considering we didn’t have much time and/or sobriety. Secretly, I was hoping we’d get a little thanks message in return the morning after – but our hopes were dashed. Guess kiwis are just more thoughtful than aussies..

The flight back I hardly remember, probably cause i was sleeping 80% of the time. Me and Myee had our last little race at the Hong Kong airport. I sat next to Emma the whole way back from London.. though as I said we were sleeping most of the time. It’s a pity cause we didn’t even get to say goodbye as she got swept away by the crowds of people at Sydney airport.

Still, i’m sure us kiwis and aussies will see each other again pretty soon – we live pretty close by after all. (Plus I still haven’t been to Australia, so maybe it’s time?) For now it’s back to Uni to finish up the last of my courses, and onto the real world. It’s not all bad though, as i’ve made friends that will last for a long time – and in aus, too! Hopefully i’ll be seeing you guys soon. Ollie and Chad, if not sooner! We live in such a small freaking country after all. Aah lets all just come to Wellington!

Good idea.

PS: I forgot to get you guys’ emails and addresses and ph numbers and stuff. If you’re reading this – send me them! Or else. (Or else im gonna facebook stalk you)

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3 thoughts on “I would do it all again, two amazing weeks in the UK with myOE!

  1. Tran says:

    Jian-Xin! Great blog post! The two-weeks with you and the myOE family is certainly a trip to remember, and I wished it went on a bit longer, haha.

    Also, thanks for the postcard that you and Kiwi boys had written for everyone! I have mine framed, I kid you not 🙂 I always frame things though, so yeah, hahaha.

    Anyway, see you on Facebook! 😛

  2. Jenna says:

    Love it Jian-Xin you definitely deserved it! x

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