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I would do it all again, two amazing weeks in the UK with myOE!

I miss the music.

Between Silver’s guitar, Emma’s voice and love of theater, Helen’s singing and the general BGM from everyone else – there never seemed to be a quiet moment during the last two weeks in the UK. Always there was a tune in my head, some song that we would sing or hum on the tube or the train. Slash karaoke.

I miss the times where we would try to top each other with degrading jokes – though I never could top Matt – and running around trying to figure out what we were doing next. Everyday was something new and exciting, and not once did I feel down or bored when hanging out with you guys in the UK.

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Too tired….. rain check !

Ill just dump the pictures for now (at 5am in the morning) and write the comments and stuff later. Waiting on my washing and heading to bed. Just got back from Edinburgh yesterday night – went to KINGS CROSS PLATFORM 9 3/4 – and tomorrow wiggles and Cardiff. Can hear the birds chirping.. good morning London.

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