Tristan found in basement: Blogging and breakfast the morning after

Bacon sandwiches or nutella toast for brekkie this morning… decisions decisions..
We’re really living like kings here! The morning after a picnic in boat ride, Richmond park, bar, soccer pub, 2 for 1 cocktails and kebabs turns out to be pretty chilled. Of course, the first thing is to try and remember who merits an apology for drunken kungfu dance moves…

Anyway, continuing from two days ago, we survived cocktails on the boat enough to ride the London eye. Pretty standard touristy stuff actually (including running to the toilet at the nearest maccas, of course).
Yesterday morning we had to get up early to make platters to entertain and feed the myoe team here in the UK. The park was the perfect way to spend an afternoon here in London, we couldn’t believe how large it was – considering it was right in the heart of the city.

Edit: Continues on after the jump..

The magic bar card:

Tragedy strikes again!

Its really perfect weather here so far: which makes up pretty lucky i suppose. Its way too hot to sleep under the sheets at night and there are no mosquitoes so I left the window wide open!! Loving it.

So after the park we headed out to a bar called “The Hare and the Hound” to catch the second half of the Germany – England game. You gotta watch the other’s videos about this: Can’t explain it in words, really. Getting lost, stripping, mankini, road football, stinging nettle..

Getting it as close to Chad’s head as we could. Wonder where my ball ended up.. hm…

My awesome meat – meat – meat platter


4 – 1 … *facepalm* plus Chad having a little ‘moment’


London is NOT READY FOR US.. thats for sure


Aaaaaand right to the next club. 2 for 1 cocktails!


Natasha doesn’t even deserve us.. haha!

How awesome was this bar?? They pulled out the umbrellas through ‘Umbrella’ – the cocktails and ice rain ensued:

Well, that pretty much sums it up for now: Today: FAT BIKE TOURS!!!! Cannot wait… Gonna take a shower and get ready. Wish us luck haha.. we’re stopping at a couple of bars along the way.. we’ll need it.

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