Man oh man, How spoilt we are.. Day one slash two!

If you hadn’t caught on the title – I’d won the trip to the UK! From getting a call from Jade and looking at mine, Emma’s; Andrew’s; Oliver’s; Helen’s; Anthony’s; Angus’; Dan’s; Myee’s and Tran’s faces on the plane picture on the myoe website…. fast forward to a grueling plane trip:
1 – Wellington – Sydney at 6am
2 – Syndey – Hong Kong (9 hours)
3 – Hong Kong – Heathrow, London (13 hours)
….and we’re now having the time of our lives, despite it being only our first day in London. We’d arrived at around 5am, so we were pretty wasted, but well worth it! (The excitement of finally being pretty much covered for our deficiencies anyway)
London.. is grey. Cool, but grey. In a good way.
This place (Hammersmith Road?) looks like it just came out of a Coronation Street episode, and Tesco’s less than a minute away! Freaking awesome. Of course, this is besides the spending money, phone topups, breakfasts, dinners, tube tickets and room that we’re getting! In-room showers beats freshening up in airplane toilets ANY day.

The UK group starts to form! …after the jump.

We were given… water…? on board the plane.

Hong Kong!

Are we there yet?

..landing was beautiful.. I cannot emphasize this enough! Luckily enough, me, Myee and Tran had the fan’s vote and sat in the combi van while the other suckers had to take the tube! Bwahaha (Besides the fact that we had to unload all their luggages in the end)

The guesthouse

Cooking brekkie! nom nom nom

We then took a little wander into town. Went to Westfield. Tesco. Casual one-pound shots at the bar.

Special Delivery!! (Will last for the next couple of days of so we reckon)

So.. yeah thats it so far! Heading to the London Eye in 40 minutes or so.. better get ready! Tomorrow should be a little more epic England vs Germany! Don’t forget to put your free 20 TAB bets in!

Watch this space for more ensuing jealousy…

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3 thoughts on “Man oh man, How spoilt we are.. Day one slash two!

  1. Jenna says:

    Ohhhh so jealous! Can I join? It’s so weird to see you guys there!

  2. 0jay says:

    Come!! Its weird being here too haha. Humid!

  3. mama says:

    Great to see you are all having a good time in London! Look forward to seeing more on your blog.

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