Free beer with myOE?

[3.51 am]
So tonight I headed out to town to try and score some last minute weekend votes. Since just running round with flyers seem to be quite boring now, i thought it would be better to try something new.
And what do people usually want on a friday night?


So i went out and get three boxes of speights (not that much i know… but hopefully it provides a little more incentive to vote!) and tagged them with myOE handmade stickers to pass them out to people who say they’d vote for me and myOE.
PS: I was gonna wear my orange tee – but it really was just too cold…

opening the first box:

Giving them out – unsurprisingly – wasn’t that hard at all, and we went through the boxes pretty fast! Major kudos to Alex Downey again for taking the position of cameraman.

First box – and the people, in no particular order:

And on to the next box already:

I even got a ride in a street truck! Random:

Sorry for such a long post, but i promised i’d put them up on my blog. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to load! On a smaller note .. I might have to take Sunday off the campaign calendar (got to study sometime before next week!) So don’t hold it against me, Group 9.


1 – Go to the ‘myOE’ page on facebook and ‘like’ it
2 – Click on the ‘book myOE’ tab
3 – Place your vote for GROUP NINE! IMPORTANT!

The competition:

Send me on myOE next year!

Anyway – I’m heading to bed… Vote for Group 9~


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