Campaign Fever on a Thursday

*cough cough* *sniff*
I got the flu. And on a cold, rainy day like today, there’s nothing more Id like to do than stay in bed. Yet myOE won’t let me! Just yesterday I got an email and a text from Access Radio Wellington (783AM) to head up to their studio and have a brief interview about the competition – for the Community Zone section of their Thursday programme. Broadcasting throughout the Greater Wellington Region, as well as having their daily podcasts uploaded on for their listeners – I simply could not pass up this chance.

Pretty much what Wellington is like normally…. Thats not sunshine.. its fog.
Since I pretty much run out of ideas for campaigning (Scary, huh) on rainy days, plus i had a couple hours to kill before i had to hit the station, I stopped by a couple of internet cafes and the university library to drop some mini flyers. Not too sure about their effects – but hey, definitely can’t hurt, right? Plus its probably better to campaign nearer to computers, rather than running all around the city streets.

At uni:


Oldboy Cafe:

To top it all off, right before i hit the station further uptown – my trusty camera almost went ‘ka-put’.. oh the drama..

But it made it though safely. And so did i. I must admit – being my first time on the radio, i was more than a little nervous – But Dave and Crystal were as chilled as they come. Having been shuffled quickly into the recording studio itself, I soon found myself sitting in front of the mike.

I thought the recording went pretty sweet – as soon as it’s up (and i requested for it to be upped early, or at least sent to me) i’ll update what i can. Not too many ‘ahhs’ and ‘umms’ thankfully, but completely new to me all the same!

Here are the pictures:

So yeah – everything went smoothly – and I can feel it already.. droves of people are going to vote for Group 9 tomorrow! Hehe

Anyway, after the interview, i headed again to Victoria library – to meet a mate and hopefully get some study done. In the shade of the uni quad, (why not?) I chalked a couple more signs about the campus. It got dark early today, making the pictures not too clear. But still:

– Facing the library windows…. Phew! (I’d only just thought of that ahaha)

Anyway, i headed home after that.. and now here I am posting this. This competition has really made me do things waay outside what I thought I would. Slash could. A newspaper article would be nice though – if they would just reply me! gah!

But hump day is well and truly over with: Thank you, Access radio – keep supporting me in the future too!

I’ll up the clip when I get it (soon, hopefully – though i’m sure i sounded pretty asian on the radio).


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3. Vote for GROUP NINE!!!

This is much appreciated! Thank you very very much – lets get us to the UKay!

The site:

Take me on myOE too!

PS: It was a sponge that i was holding on the last picture of the last post .. you guys got that right? right?


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