A little sunshine, A little chalk

Oh Happy Day! I woke up and the sun was shining through the crack in the curtains… awesome, for i thought Wellington was due about a month or so of rain (or so it said on the news). So I jumped out of bed and took my chance:

Cuba Street was due a big chalking up.

I’d had this idea rolling around my head for a while – just never got around to doing it, that’s all. Slash rain and hail yknow..

So once again, sorry for all the pictures, but i’ll let them tell the story rather than talking too much.

Kekekeke – the adventure begins

I even got colored chalk! Though it doesn’t really show in pictures.

Gotta start with the logo

The hardest bit was drawing all around people! Slash having people come up and just be like: “what are you doing? What is this for?”

Couldn’t figure out what to draw – so airplane it is!

Plus pilot.

Almost done! Talking again haha

Done! Took a little longer than i thought – but it all went well. Major thanks to my photographer, Alex Downey (who was on uni holiday) and to the people of Wellington. Kept bugging me about the competition – and what that thing was in the middle – Its a plane dammit!!

Cool Runnings. I actually did it!

Dead in the middle of Cuba – was still freezing though.

Promoting myself wasn’t too hard!

And the best part was – a wandering film crew came and interviewed me. Random! But much appreciated all the same. Not too sure when it will air, but since the interview was about personal finances – I threw in a good bit about myOE, and life after graduation. My Lucky break?

And therefore – vote for Group Nine! A tired day out – but well spent campaigning. Never thought i’d be doing this .. but life’s funny like that.

1 – Go to the ‘myOE’ page on facebook and ‘like’ it

2 – Click on the ‘Book myOE tab’

3 – Vote for GROUP NINE!


5 thoughts on “A little sunshine, A little chalk

  1. Jenna says:

    You’re doing so well!!!
    Hope to see you in the UK!
    ❤ Jen

  2. Nic myoe says:

    mate, very very cool.
    Keep at it!

  3. Bridget says:

    Hooray Jian-Xin! Go group NINE!!

    Love your work. Hope your campaigning efforts pay off 🙂 (for my sake and the rest of our group’s!)

  4. 0jay says:

    @ Jenna: hope to see you there definitely!!!
    @ nic : Thanks :p – i got a major cold after wearing just a tshirt in the cold lol
    @ Bridget : We’re all trying really hard haha – loving your spamming btw.. so funny!

  5. […] – One of the best campaign ideas I had, I reckon! And the best fun too! Chalking up Cuba Street! (pl… […]

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