The Real FeeJee


As per Henry’s request: A little summary of ‘The FeeJee Experience’ as experienced by the lucky 47 students who won the trip from myOE!

We were really pretty lucky – our filming group had the chance to venture outside of the backpackers resort and meet some of the locals – and even a kava ceremony. It was really interesting to meet and experience some of the culture from the locals – I’d always thought that traditional cultures would be totally .. well.. traditional.. and restricted. But this couldnt be further from the truth. All of us were welcomed with open arms (and kava bowls) and assimilated into part of the local family.

Some weaving methods being shown: Its amazing what can be made!

The weather was good, the bus trips were fun. What more can i say, really?

The kava ceremony was simple, and very accommodating.  Though some didn’t really like the taste of it, I really didn’t mind it! After exchanging some kava between the locals of different villages – we went and checked out some of the parts from the fijian wedding that was taking place that day as well. It’s pretty awesome of them to accommodate us while having such an important occasion at the same time.

After, its off to the local school where we met the children, had a play-around, and generally had a ton of fun!

I got to say – they’re amazing actors and dancers and such cheerful kids!

Anyway – after finishing the film – we had to go. And everybody was pretty sad about it I’m sure. Hearing about the way life is led in Fiji really has shown me a different perspective on mine. Not everything is stuck the way it is – and the way everybody was eager to make friends.. really put me in my place. Who’s to say traditional cultures can’t be modern and open-minded at the same time?

I really can’t.

Anyway, for now: Vinaka!


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