As Lex Said: You Gotta Want It!

Taking to the streets – Part Two!

Well.. kinda. Since Wellington decided to have a big spat of rain for the NEXT MONTH or so (seriously.. get me to the UK.. otherwise im just going to get waterlogged) the only campaigning i’m about to do is gonna be indoors!


Decided to put all my efforts into this after all – and SO .. I hit the supermarket.

Woolworths Johnsonville – where I slaved for three and a half years – was my unwilling victim of the myOE Campaign Mania! (Read: Real-Life SPAM) Not much to say, really.. let the pictures do the talking!

It definitely was tough getting the information to fit on the piece of paper…. BUT it had to be done!!

..major printing and cutting ensued..

The Victim:

..whilst doing my normal shopping of course. Guerrilla-Style!

The pantyhose section was no exception!

..neither were the supermarket underwear.

..appliances section..


Haha. Oh come on, wouldn’t you??

..and a couple of baskets (though its harder than you think!!)

..if this doesn’t get me votes, I don’t know what else will. Watch this space, myOE fans.

Heres the site:

Welcome to myOE


One thought on “As Lex Said: You Gotta Want It!

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