First to hit the streets!?

So due to lack of actual friends on facebook willing to vote for a skinny-stripping asian guy, I have taken to harassing the streets of Wellington. Since all of my 87 votes is losing by 600% fall only slightly behind the winning bid of Daniel Farrawell , desperate measures must be taken – effective immediately. So I pulled back out the orange tshirt and ran out on the only sunny day on the next week available to me!

First stop: By the waterfront! The plan was simple: talk to people about myOE and my plea for votes on facebook – and my vote count would miraculously rise exponentially! Right? Plus I figured it would score a point with the judges you listening, judges?? to have me running around for myOE all day.

Some of the converted supporters of myOE: Ill post the rest up on facebook a little later

…Okay, so the kid was a gimme. But maybe he’ll join myOE when he grows up!

My second stop was with the graduate and exchange offices at Victoria University. Unfortunately, i’d stayed out too late and they had all closed, though i managed to get a chat in with Hannah:

So I was – in a word – exhausted. Hopefully this pays off!

heres the site:
Welcome to myOE!


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