The Feejee experience.

Hey so recently I won this competition (due to making the video below) and got the chance to head to FIJI!! This was with 46 other people – as part of a MYOE and FEEJEE experience package. In a nutshell – the trip was one of the best times of my life. Free bar tab – plus pool – plus beach – plus students from every university in Australia and NZ – plus awesome organizers – plus kava – plus traveling around and getting to know the REAL Fiji – plus cruise – plus climbing trees – i could go on forever!

so yeah – and now im currently in a competition where i have to get facebook votes to head to the UK! Its been pretty harsh on li’l old me .. facebook friends just dont cut it anymore huh? huh? So i just got to try some other stuff and bank on the fact that i made some pretty good videos. I really sincerely hope they pick me! I really tried hard on the videos but i wasnt counting on the whole voting thing. I know its working for them though – cause they just topped 11,000 people on their page!

So who are they?

Pretty much – they try to entice as soon-to-be graduates and qualified people to work and travel in the UK! You can go through them to do all sorts of things.. relocation, work permits, visas, tax audits and stuff.

And they took us to fiji!

– this was when we visited a local school and village. the children were so awesome! I always thought traditional cultures would have it harder on travellers. But fijians seem to be really open right about everything!

– some of the organizers of the event.

-standard party picture. what can i say ?

– post card picture? it really was where we were. I dont think you can really understand till youre there.

– this picture pretty much sums up our trip. Not really a trip – like a filming sesh, really. Cameras were on us pretty much the whole time and I wouldnt be surprised if they cropped up here and there round our unis next year.

— the new zealand crew! we were the best obviously – aussies cant even compare. Notice how we’re standing right on top of that yellow thing in front of the door where you’re meant to keep clear and people walked all the way around us? yeah.

so anyway – off to make some more spam-happy people in the world. Tchah.
(im on 75 at the moment by the way – which is like blah.)


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