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Fish and Breadsticks: London just gets better and better

The fat bike ride was great fun – tons of sunscreen, races, and London History. Better remind me to head into Westminster Abbey before this trip is over! Highly recommend any english speaker in London to look these guys up. Cant really describe the experience as well as I should – ill let the pictures tell the story:

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Tristan found in basement: Blogging and breakfast the morning after

Bacon sandwiches or nutella toast for brekkie this morning… decisions decisions..
We’re really living like kings here! The morning after a picnic in boat ride, Richmond park, bar, soccer pub, 2 for 1 cocktails and kebabs turns out to be pretty chilled. Of course, the first thing is to try and remember who merits an apology for drunken kungfu dance moves…

Anyway, continuing from two days ago, we survived cocktails on the boat enough to ride the London eye. Pretty standard touristy stuff actually (including running to the toilet at the nearest maccas, of course).
Yesterday morning we had to get up early to make platters to entertain and feed the myoe team here in the UK. The park was the perfect way to spend an afternoon here in London, we couldn’t believe how large it was – considering it was right in the heart of the city.

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Man oh man, How spoilt we are.. Day one slash two!

If you hadn’t caught on the title – I’d won the trip to the UK! From getting a call from Jade and looking at mine, Emma’s; Andrew’s; Oliver’s; Helen’s; Anthony’s; Angus’; Dan’s; Myee’s and Tran’s faces on the plane picture on the myoe website…. fast forward to a grueling plane trip:
1 – Wellington – Sydney at 6am
2 – Syndey – Hong Kong (9 hours)
3 – Hong Kong – Heathrow, London (13 hours)
….and we’re now having the time of our lives, despite it being only our first day in London. We’d arrived at around 5am, so we were pretty wasted, but well worth it! (The excitement of finally being pretty much covered for our deficiencies anyway)
London.. is grey. Cool, but grey. In a good way.
This place (Hammersmith Road?) looks like it just came out of a Coronation Street episode, and Tesco’s less than a minute away! Freaking awesome. Of course, this is besides the spending money, phone topups, breakfasts, dinners, tube tickets and room that we’re getting! In-room showers beats freshening up in airplane toilets ANY day.

The UK group starts to form! …after the jump.

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Even more photos!

So I received these support pictures just a little too late. But it doesn’t mean they’re not appreciated!!! All the way from Uppsala, Sweden! Thanks so much guys ^^ amazing!

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No words can express the ending..

… happy? sad? … overwhelming emotion.

A bit last minute.. but!

So my friends who were traveling through London sent me some voting photos (like right now)! They still count, right? You guys are the best! Love the Teddy!

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on” – Thomas Jefferson

Well, i’ve just woken up and the last 12 hours are before me! It’s time to be outright frank: I’m going for the judges vote, now. While I haven’t given up completely on Group Nine, I sincerely hope for the best from Group 7 and Group 3 (and group 8 ) edit: well, all the groups, really!, who must be feeling pretty nervous right now! You guys are amazing – do your best! I’ve decided to be busy studying today – since i’ve forgone my little study break – theres some major catching up to do!

I’ve done the very best I know how – the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so.

Instead of making a video (which everyone else had done); i’ve opted instead to simply remind my readers of my past efforts related to this competition. Reading back, I find myself surprised once again; and laughing at some the things I did – and the amazing people I’ve met along the way.

From the judges, the cameramen, Henry, and of course to the other 46 students, to the people i’ve simply met on the street while campaigning, everybody has given me their absolute best. Thank you so much myOE for this amazing experience – starting way even before meeting you! (And continuing waaaay after Feejee ahaha) Heres hoping the (almost!) thousand hits ive gotten for this blog in the last two weeks and the people on the streets of Wellington will join myOE in the future!

Please take some time looking back with me, and here’s hoping my myOE experience doesn’t have to end here!

– love, ‘the post-it guy’

Ps: Love the work that Jenna has been doing also.. putting it out there! Her efforts really kept making me try harder and do all the things that i’ve done. Like honestly. Giving out 99 balloons? Magic. Hope to see you on that plane, Jenna!
Check her out here:

So then i’ll keep it brief:

– The very beginning: Wanna watch my post it video again?

– A little time lapse on the side – More than three hours for a whole 10 seconds

– The Feejee Experience – when we’d first came back!

– My 15 seconds – And they said asian people were reserved…

– First to hit the streets! – In fluoro orange of course

– Making sexy flyers for advertising

– My campaign (exhibit?) at te papa – I should have done it again!

– Video showcasing the various signs from people plus Group Video

– The Supermarket Campaign! – This was actually really fun (though i’m not sure Woolworths enjoyed it ssshhh)

– Printing more flyers

– Summary of The Feejee Experience (Special for Henry!)

– One of the best campaign ideas I had, I reckon! And the best fun too! Chalking up Cuba Street! (plus random tv crew)

– Thanks Saskia! xoxo

– We can go the distance.. this is where group 9 is meant to be!

– Running around campus, internet cafes, and a radio interview
Plus: Actual podcast

– Another great idea with great fun and satisfaction: Friday Beers with myOE

– Mailbox Mania

– Never give up, never surrender

– More Mailbox Mania

– Support from Starbucks Lambton Quay

I’m a future graduate and I want these experiences with myOE too!

A Big Sigh..

I’m on cuba street late right now with my laptop – and theres problems with the voting system on facebook!

“The application must ask for a valid extended permission.” it says..

But enough ranting.. i’ll try to get people on anyway, though its not working for any so far.

EDIT: It is now fixed.

Nerve racking weekend..

..waiting to see who will win the group voting. I wish all the groups all the luck! 27 hours left – and I have to study! Worst timing ever. Though group Nine is a little ways behind the top two – I really put my best efforts into my campaign, and I hope it shows!

By the way, I stopped by our resident Starbucks to garner a little added support:
I havent completely given up yet! Come on Wellington and Group Nine!! We really wanna go to the UK!! Seriously.

In other news: The podcast from AccessRadio is out!

Not much to say really, hit it for a clip of me sounding really, really asian.

Access Radio: Community Zone