Prose and process

So as i said.. back at uni and .. doing well ahead of uni schedule, really. Just a little behind late in life.
Essays are going to be due soon, and i should be able to get them done a week (ish) before due date, which is quite.. unheard of.
But still no work yet.
Started thinking about health again recently, due to a couple of lovely Germans, Marlene and Leonie who are severely health-conscious.. running and skipping every single day!
(but they bought me a skipping rope how nice of them ! )
So i promised to take better care of myself and go get some exercise done! Will be signing up for the gym tomorrw, look out! @_@

Ohoh, and, i finally got some money back from insurance about mu camera and cell phone.. and the total amount returned was.. wait for it..
230 dollars! (which is a pittance if you ask me) wish they had just replaced the camera with a new one.
BUT no complaining (or am i?) as i do now have money to put into savings! or buy a new camera..hmm decisions decisions…..
ps: school internet is being such a hassle, skype video-ing don’t work!


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