Monthly Archives: March 2010

Prose and process

So as i said.. back at uni and .. doing well ahead of uni schedule, really. Just a little behind late in life.
Essays are going to be due soon, and i should be able to get them done a week (ish) before due date, which is quite.. unheard of.
But still no work yet.
Started thinking about health again recently, due to a couple of lovely Germans, Marlene and Leonie who are severely health-conscious.. running and skipping every single day!
(but they bought me a skipping rope how nice of them ! )
So i promised to take better care of myself and go get some exercise done! Will be signing up for the gym tomorrw, look out! @_@

Ohoh, and, i finally got some money back from insurance about mu camera and cell phone.. and the total amount returned was.. wait for it..
230 dollars! (which is a pittance if you ask me) wish they had just replaced the camera with a new one.
BUT no complaining (or am i?) as i do now have money to put into savings! or buy a new camera..hmm decisions decisions…..
ps: school internet is being such a hassle, skype video-ing don’t work!


Once again.

So, now that im back in Wellington, back to Newlands, back to Victoria, back to Political Science, and away from where i want to be.

The house is clean (ish) and trying to organise it for living. Thinking about moving out, but having doubts about getting a job, cause of the juggling that would occur between uni courses and other stuff. Hmmm….
Applied to a few places regardless, but no reply yet. So we’ll see. If i do find a job though, ill start looking for flats maybe.

I met my korean buddy last week, and she (은수) started teaching me a little korean.. hope ill be able to do the same for her in english! ill work hard >_< i promise, and make sure she aces all her papers. It would be nice if she saw me not just as a teacher though cause id wanted to make some asian friends over here. My friend Dylan also asked me to go teach english in Korea next year! Im thinking about it seriously.. Hm.
But anyway, just getting on with life as usual, thinking about the future..