Another Video…

Another short vide-o for you guys… not much, just from my room to the roof and down below. Just showing you guys the snow again hahaha.. im heading out to spain and italy soon (on sunday omigosh!) so better post something before.

And in other news………..



…. bike got stolen…

I dunno how they did it, i made sure my lock wound through the wheel and the frame and even the bike shed but i guess maybe they cut the lock off or something cause i think i spotted a fragment of it on the ground… i guess it had a flat wheel anyway and im not gonna ride it too much with this much snow and ice..

still… sigh


2 thoughts on “Another Video…

  1. mama says:

    Just watched all your videos, very good. Thanks for the effort to share your experience with us. Your pics of the snow covered buildings and trees are very beautiful.

  2. mama says:

    Oh and sorry about your bike. You will have to walk now as there is not much point getting another one!

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