Let’s Play Catch-Up

So Whoa i havent been very active lately huh? Sorry bout that.. been a little busy (and lazy) time here, everybodys feeling a little down and more than a little lethargic now that the sun sets at around 3pm, averaging around 2 hours of minimal sunlight everyday. But overall, we’re coping well i think.

So.. catching up with events.. im done with my third course for now, I think it went pretty okay.. the instructor said at the seminar i should pass, so nothings sure yet.. but its looking bright(er) at least. But onto my next one already and it looks a toughie. Details on the next.

So i had an idea the other day… and i put it into action just yesterday evening, around 5pm. Here is the first installment, please enjoy:

Journey #1 : Flogsta to Town through the eyes of a camera cellotaped to my head –

It might be a little bit boring ’cause i didnt manage to edit in the music.. but anyways, watch this space I guess.

PS: Christmas Packages which i – may or may not have sent – can only be opened on the 25th!!!


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