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Wee-hee heres a weather report!

…just for kicks.


Another Video…

Another short vide-o for you guys… not much, just from my room to the roof and down below. Just showing you guys the snow again hahaha.. im heading out to spain and italy soon (on sunday omigosh!) so better post something before.

And in other news………..



…. bike got stolen…

I dunno how they did it, i made sure my lock wound through the wheel and the frame and even the bike shed but i guess maybe they cut the lock off or something cause i think i spotted a fragment of it on the ground… i guess it had a flat wheel anyway and im not gonna ride it too much with this much snow and ice..

still… sigh

Snow Power

So i was feeling pretty bad the other weeks.. think we came down with the swine here in Uppsala and then had a stroke of bad luck with some kebabs, which ended up with me having a two-day stint in the toilet.. so all-in-all, not too flash, the last few weeks.

But then..

Two days ago it started snowing..

and snowing….

and yesterday night, as i was just with my friend Yong Ju who was leaving and i wouldnt see her until Jan, the snow was piled high against the window!

..and i was feeling better straightaway.

And of course we then proceeded to fight and make snow angels slash an awesome snowman! The best part was that we were the first ones in the snow, so everything and everywhere was fresh powder. And this morning, i woke up to an even fresher blanket of snow! And screams from victims of snowballs (of course).

…and the world was white.

Dont worry, im wrapping up warm (7 layers!!) and munching on immunoshield .. like always.. *:cough cough:*

And so the story continues, with Mr. Freeze the snow-policeman!

…oh and some people were sliding down the hill behing my building. Its seriously too slippery to walk down now.. we stumble our way through the snow instead. One of my friends fell down the other day and broke both her wrists (!!!!!) and got sent to hospital.

..and the finished product of mine and Alberto’s hard labour for an hour and a half…..

..which ended practically in a mad rush to the sauna which we prepared earlier. Alberto’s got the photo with all three of us.. when he puts it up ill link it.
And try to look forward to the snowy video.. though i dont think its very wise to be riding my defective bike, the video may end up being shorter than the last one due to the walk.

(Opened the present yet?)

Let’s Play Catch-Up

So Whoa i havent been very active lately huh? Sorry bout that.. been a little busy (and lazy) time here, everybodys feeling a little down and more than a little lethargic now that the sun sets at around 3pm, averaging around 2 hours of minimal sunlight everyday. But overall, we’re coping well i think.

So.. catching up with events.. im done with my third course for now, I think it went pretty okay.. the instructor said at the seminar i should pass, so nothings sure yet.. but its looking bright(er) at least. But onto my next one already and it looks a toughie. Details on the next.

So i had an idea the other day… and i put it into action just yesterday evening, around 5pm. Here is the first installment, please enjoy:

Journey #1 : Flogsta to Town through the eyes of a camera cellotaped to my head –

It might be a little bit boring ’cause i didnt manage to edit in the music.. but anyways, watch this space I guess.

PS: Christmas Packages which i – may or may not have sent – can only be opened on the 25th!!!