Hej so im in the process of writing postcards.. so be paitent.. might take a while, as i have to sort out how in the world im meant to mail them as there are no official postal services here.
Working on it working working on it.


Im currently watching a series online which might be interesting to you guys… called “Spain: On the Road Again” about the video diaries of Gwyneth Paltrow and her entourage of foodies around Spain and their delicacies.
Pros: Im pretty much a foodie, fun to watch and try and make my spanish friends make such great foods
Cons: Drool on the keyboard
@papa – Maybe you can find it in the library or such .. its a pretty good show!

And to pass the time – heres a version (not by me) of the Flogsta scream on Youtube. You might have seen it, you might not, but here it is anyway;



PS: “UP” the movie is such a sad movie.



One thought on “Posties

  1. tayfam8 says:

    Will try to look for the DVD that made you drool … that good ?

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