Just an update.

In other news, it been quite rainy and foggy (and occasional snow!!) here in uppsala and therefore a little bit miserable (except for occasional snow!).


But alls well here in this welfare state! Been trying to find a job though.. but since the massive influx of utbytestudentes here in uppsala, there isnt really much that hasnt already been taken. Ill keep trying, and keep thinking of ways to possibly earn a bit of cash. Watch this space.

In other news, here are some pictures from breaking class.. of my teacher and good friend, Fredrik!




That rubber thingy suspended from the ceiling is supposed to help you with the “‘ windmills ‘” and stuff.. but its great fun anyways.

Oh, and almost forgot.. did i tell you i met these two awesome guys last week from France, who are travelling currently the whole of europe.. with their campervan! What a mint idea! Anyway, heres a link to their blog: Simon and Etienne’s Beret European Tour

and if you go down to the 16th october.. me and my flatties are mentioned! Simon and Etienne are both pretty fun fellows.. we spent two evenings drinking French wine and ‘drawing the beautiful moon’ and passing scissors…hah! Was great fun.


ok, a bit of a bad pic, but theyre going all around and taking pictures of everyone they meet with their beret and baguette that theyre lugging all the way from their hometown.


ok well another dissapointing picture, really, but what can i say. Im no photographer..


fun times fun times.

In other other news: There was the international gasque last week.. which i didnt manage to score tickets for, (some people lined up for three and a half hours) so we rounded up some other unfortunates and had our own little gasque at “‘ Tzatziki ‘”, a small restaurant beside the river. It was pretty nice actually, and from what i heard, the food we had was better than at the gasque heh.





we didnt dress up though.. unlike Eloy!


then we hit the after-party and karaoke-ed the night away (literally)


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