Roommate Diaries #4


Registered Name: Murathan S.
Current Age: Unknown
Location of Birth: Unknown
Tag: Unknown01 (Special)
Diet: Unknown

Description: Murathan (gleaned from the postbox), or “‘ that guy ‘” is an alleged turkish inhabitant living down the corridor second last on the left. While it has been claimed that he reveals himself in the middle of the night and forages, in my opinion may be a result of urban folklore and a case of misidentification, rather than reality.

Reported Sightings:
01 Nov – Scraps of food found in rubbish.. unknown language.
20 Nov – Pizza disappeared from freezer… boxes later found lying in corridor, contents empty.
05 Oct – Muddy footprints appeared in the middle of the night, size of foot uncommonly large.
15 Oct – Glimpsed a shadow flashing past doorway, could not identify, managed to comfirm evidence by taking the picture above though.

EDIT: ok so well it turns out it was me that ate that pizza and forgot. Who remembers late-night snacks anyway??

EDIT: Well it turns out Alberto does..


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