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Camera Broken

So yeah.. might not be any pictures coming for a while, except maybe from facebook. Dunno what happened, it just broke one day, it cant start up at all! Buying a camera here might turn out to be too expensive.. so bear with me for a while i guess. FML hah, everything i own is junk


Just an update.

In other news, it been quite rainy and foggy (and occasional snow!!) here in uppsala and therefore a little bit miserable (except for occasional snow!).


But alls well here in this welfare state! Been trying to find a job though.. but since the massive influx of utbytestudentes here in uppsala, there isnt really much that hasnt already been taken. Ill keep trying, and keep thinking of ways to possibly earn a bit of cash. Watch this space.

In other news, here are some pictures from breaking class.. of my teacher and good friend, Fredrik!




That rubber thingy suspended from the ceiling is supposed to help you with the “‘ windmills ‘” and stuff.. but its great fun anyways.

Oh, and almost forgot.. did i tell you i met these two awesome guys last week from France, who are travelling currently the whole of europe.. with their campervan! What a mint idea! Anyway, heres a link to their blog: Simon and Etienne’s Beret European Tour

and if you go down to the 16th october.. me and my flatties are mentioned! Simon and Etienne are both pretty fun fellows.. we spent two evenings drinking French wine and ‘drawing the beautiful moon’ and passing scissors…hah! Was great fun.


ok, a bit of a bad pic, but theyre going all around and taking pictures of everyone they meet with their beret and baguette that theyre lugging all the way from their hometown.


ok well another dissapointing picture, really, but what can i say. Im no photographer..


fun times fun times.

In other other news: There was the international gasque last week.. which i didnt manage to score tickets for, (some people lined up for three and a half hours) so we rounded up some other unfortunates and had our own little gasque at “‘ Tzatziki ‘”, a small restaurant beside the river. It was pretty nice actually, and from what i heard, the food we had was better than at the gasque heh.





we didnt dress up though.. unlike Eloy!


then we hit the after-party and karaoke-ed the night away (literally)

The end of an era

For you who didn’t know, my bike breathed its last near the end of last week. After a long, valiant struggle which brought me just back to my doorstep, it ended its lifespan (of around two months). My attempts to re-oil and/or re-tune the bike and carrying (!) it all the way to the bike store.. the shop guy said it was pretty much kaput and that i would have to replace almost the whole bike and the gears and stuff so pretty much it wasnt worth it.. but i miss my old bike. I do have a new one, but its kind of temperamental and a bit more… violent and rough with me compared to the past one, which was gentle and caring. Anyway, here are the last photos of us on the way back home before it broke:






Ill miss you, Jian Xin Jr.!

Roommate Diaries #4


Registered Name: Murathan S.
Current Age: Unknown
Location of Birth: Unknown
Tag: Unknown01 (Special)
Diet: Unknown

Description: Murathan (gleaned from the postbox), or “‘ that guy ‘” is an alleged turkish inhabitant living down the corridor second last on the left. While it has been claimed that he reveals himself in the middle of the night and forages, in my opinion may be a result of urban folklore and a case of misidentification, rather than reality.

Reported Sightings:
01 Nov – Scraps of food found in rubbish.. unknown language.
20 Nov – Pizza disappeared from freezer… boxes later found lying in corridor, contents empty.
05 Oct – Muddy footprints appeared in the middle of the night, size of foot uncommonly large.
15 Oct – Glimpsed a shadow flashing past doorway, could not identify, managed to comfirm evidence by taking the picture above though.

EDIT: ok so well it turns out it was me that ate that pizza and forgot. Who remembers late-night snacks anyway??

EDIT: Well it turns out Alberto does..

Roomate Diaries #3


Registered Name: Marielle P.
Current Age: 22
Location of Birth: Poitiers, France
Tag: 3338MP
Feeding Requirements: Constant

Description: A unique individual even among the highly strange species habitating Western Europe. Dubbed the “‘ wolf ‘”, extra care has to be taken at all times, especially feeding time, which may vary but is a highly regular occurence throughout the day. Lives in the enclosure second to last on the right of the corridor, and is a very sociable, outgoing and tremendously interesting character.

Personal Experience: Too many to remember.. but probably one of the most memorable was when we met! Also when we went to a picnic and ate only the cheap (im sure it mostly wasnt meat) sausies that we bought 5 minutes before. Am looking forward to further encounters in the future!

Roommate Diaries #2


Registered Name: Paolo C.
Current Age: 21
Location of Birth: Campobasso, Italy
Tag: 4390PC
Last General Medical Diagnosis: Unknown

Description: Lives two doors right, is a companion in my current Political Science and INTP class, and is a very very sociable kind of person. Constantly in a cheerful manner, has a diet of mainly fruits and vegetables (of what ive seen anyway), but currently suffering from a minor unknown affliction which may or may not be due to habitat.

Personal Experience: When we got busted for trying to sneak into a party, also when he saved my ass on the first day where i left my card-key in the room. We have a lot of plans for the future.. including invading the opposite corridor (whose inhabitants seem pretty un-sociable so far) and the room crawl!

Roommate Diaries #1


Registered Name: Alberto A.G.
Current Age: 22
Location of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Tag: 5886AAG

Description: Lives in the enclosure to the right of mine, and strangely speaks better French than he does English. A quiet sort of guy, sometimes, but may be due to the restrictions of using a non-native language. Capable of providing very insightful insights and has an extensive knowledge of day-to-day common procedures. (eg. not washing a saucepan immediately after cooking as it will -generally- warp)

Best Experience So Far: Erm.. has to be the saunas? Introduced me to the spanish groups of people which are now among some of my best friends! Is among one of my first friends I made here in this foreign land.

Tales from other people

So.. actually i got into the lazy mood again about the whole uploading pictures from my camera and editing them, levels and contrast and whatnot, resizing, cropping and then ardously uploading them to the web. The keyword being ‘again’ of course. So heres the post today.. from other people’s work!
Keep in mind that while the subject of the pictures is as cheerful and beautiful as ever, the pictures may or may not be the same quality as they were stolen straight off facebook. hah.

Ive had quite a lazy day today.. having done nothing except a few readings and watched some shows in bed. Its 1am and i havent changed out of my pjs all day im in pajamas, ready for bed.

Anyway, yesterday a good friend of mine, Francisco from Lima: Peru, had his birthday, so we of course had had a fantastic time celebrating. Lots of party games which ended up being too much fun and me getting quite the laughing-workout with the spanish guys. Anyway, i ended coming out with a medal! I was, after much effort (of course), managed to come out “the No.1 in being the coolest-non-spanish-speaking-so-we-have-to-translate-everything-we-say-and-also-hope-to-be-able-to-spell-his-name-someday guy”!! Wow. so touched. In a ‘spanish’ word, im the no.1 XAXY!

So yeah: Heres my life so far.. as seen from the other side of someone else’s camera lens!


Me studying hard on the boat to helsinki. (C’mon…)

Browsing for shoes on at the duty free shop. Obviously i needed some new kicks!


Me and francisco!




the kid and the balloon

“the kid and the balloon”

the kid and the balloon 2

“the kid and the balloon II”






..and taking a siesta. It was a long (yet too short) trip.

Helsinki was great, especially when it stopped raining later in the afternoon as we got there. Reminded me a lot about the old town in stockholm, the architecture and style and whatnot, and its amazing. I never could have imagined walking down steets like this: all cobbled and surrounded by grand buildings. Its a shame we had to leave after just one day.. after all, who knows when ill have the chance to visit finland again! But y’know, if it will be, it’ll be, right?

And so.. sailed (not so smoothly) back to sweden, and on the weekend, visited Stockholm again. But with the whole asian entourage this time!


amazing.. right?




04 jumping in!



yum yum yum red bean ice cream yum yum



This was when we climbed (read: took the elevator) one of the towers on one of the islands in Stockholm to see the view. Actually the original plan was to head to the amusement park, but it got closed due to colder weather. Brr!




















..average days in Flogsta




So yeah! Thats about all i had from the recent pages in facebook. Seems like im a lot more handsome different in pictures taken by other people, but still fun anyways.


Just had a sudden realisation that i havent introduced the people im living with yet! How could i forget! But not right now, im bushed. But look forward to their introductions next time. Ill have to sneakily take photos of them so you can have a glimpse into their ‘natural habitat’ here in Flogsta!

Watch This Space