No, im not dead.

Hey sorry i havent been posting a lot, been busy with my new life and stuff.

But i will post up mountains of photos soon enough to make up for it.

So for now heres just what i wrote in Frankfurt airport as i was almost missing my flight:

I woke up this mrning with the sun in my eyes.
I looked out the window, and the world was beneath my feet.

For the first time, finally, i think it hit me: What have i got myself into?

Im sitting here in Frankfurt airport watching all the shops slowly open their stalls and shutters, watching some strange forms of alien people talking some strange, undecipherable, alien language.

“Wie spät ist es, bitte?”

“Wo ist terminal A?”

I Stare at the guy quite blankly.. he should know better than to ask me.

Im asian. Duh.

Maybe i should buy some postcards.



One thought on “No, im not dead.

  1. Jian says:

    Doesn’t that mean “what time is it, please?” and “where is terminal A?”

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