Changi, transfers, and living memories.

The time spent in Malaysia has passed me. It feels kind of liberating to leave, yet sentimental, as always. Everytime i go back home, i wonder what it would have been like if i had never left. Would i speak cantonese? Would I get H1N1? Would i be have mastered the art of cutting queues? I honestly dont know.

Anyway, im currently in Changi Airport crunching clorets and eyeing up the sushi stand about a hundred metres away from me. Behind-wards of me, comes the calming music of soft jazz..


.. so it gives me a bit of a time-out, from the hecticness and sweltering heat of the past ten days.

At around midnight, (asian time) ill be jetting off to Frankfurt, then finally off to Stockholm, where ill have to catch a train to the town of Uppsala, where ill be spending the next six months. Honestly? I should be really excited, jumping off the walls, but really its not like that.

Why? Its because i really need to pee but i dont wanna leave my laptop unguarded or someone might steal it. Hah. Well, some other stuff too.

This particular trip has been good to me, especially in terms of reunions and old memories resurfacing. Took some work getting there though. I managed to meet about 17 of my old mates back in Sekolah Sri Murni, which i will always remember as my play-ground, as i never seem to remember doing any study.

Regardless, this time (actually the 2nd time in about 5 days) we headed to Talipon Restaurant (which i didnt realise meant telephone till later) in Kuchai Lama. Shoutout to Yi Hang, Thanks for giving me a lift! It was pretty cool, having a steamboat-cum-barbeque feast.. with a lot of my old favourite snacks.

However, when we arrived things looked a little bad for a while… it was raining really heavily, and half the people hadn’t turned up. The rain made it too loud to talk over, so we ended up having a really quiet (bar some shouting), ooo, about fifteen minutes worth of awkwardness. But then things brightened up all of a sudden, as the other half arrived and the rain stopped abruptly, which really started this party off.


..the steamboat, pretty early stages, still clean.

Back in the day:


Old faces! People i havent really met for around 7+ years. Unbelievable.


..and more..


..and some more..


..and yi hang.


..and Gary, which i actually had on my msn for a long while but just never talk only.. heh

But man it was great fun hanging out with them all over again, it feels kind of like we never really left apart after all.

After i got back, it was time to say goodbye to my cuzzies.. who didn’t want to take a picture with me, can you believe it?

IMG_3325 i forced it a little bit. Fun stuff.

I miss Malaysia already.


2 thoughts on “Changi, transfers, and living memories.

  1. yishu3 says:

    17 friends? Counted 7 only. Good on you to take a photo of A Ying. How about A Xian? She must have refused to be in the photo too.

  2. 0jay says:

    Whoa who are you? Haha

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