Man its been a great ten days so far! Tiring though as i make my way through the various properties of my old ‘hood. Ive actually been putting off this post for a while just because it seemed like there was too much to write and post. Well, nevermind, here it is now.. im leaving tomorrow  to singapore, enroute to frankfurt, and from there, stockholm! I got an email from my buddy over there yesterday, and she seems pretty cool, as shes gonna pick me up from the train station. ( I think in a -walking- sense)
Anyway, the Melaka Chronicles:

Well we (me and my cuz) got first shuttled to Melaka by my older cousin, Ah Ghee koko, and on the way we stopped for breakfast (pan mee) and to take a look at his new house.


Its pretty flash, and looks pretty good! But it’ll be a couple more months before he moves in, as hes doing further renovations to the kitchen and the balcony.

The trip to melaka was great! As in: i slept the whole way! Only woke up once briefly enjoying the air-conditioning… was too relaxed i suppose.

Well yeah we arrived safe and sound, and heres how i got greeted!


Heh. This little cutie is also one of my cousins Ah Xin.. named after me! Um-hum everyone named ‘Xin’ is pretty cute huh? The fruit is holding is called ‘starfruit’, well.. because.. duh. But yeah it was pretty nostalgic as i havent tasted starfruit in yonks.

Then, following my dad’s sister, my Ah Ko, we made pineapple tarts that were real tasty! Finger licking good stuff, i tell you:


..we had lots of fun playing around too, me and my other cousin, Ah Zhi. See that stuff in his hand? No, its not play doh..



.. can you guess which ones we made?

So then, all these people started visiting our place, so i ended up camwhoring a little bit. I wont post them up here though as most of them arent v/ good pictures.. wait till i get a better cam.


From the left: Wan Chuan (my nephew.. yeah, thats right, im an uncle) , me, Eng Chong, Ah Xin, Ah Zhi.

Aaaand then, oooh, we went to visit one of the new additions to our family, one of my cuzzes just had a baby! (about around the day i arrived) Super cute! Ah Hui Cece hasnt named her yet, but i couldnt really resist snapping photos.




But man its hard to take a break in Melaka! Every other minute its someone visiting, more food, ang pows.. but mostly..


..its these two! ..that kept me awake most of the time. They’re a handful, believe you me.

So just before i left.. went cam-ming some more. Running around in my black NZ music month tee (loud and proud) actually made me really sweaty but what you cant see cant be there, eh?



Well, i didnt end up going straight back home, as i had a dinner with more family members.. this time on my mother’s side of the fam. So i got dropped off at my grandparents house, and me and my cousins and uncles went straight for dinner. (btw i slept pretty well on the way back home too)

Mama: Did you turn in your sleep at about, ooo midnight monday? Cause certain brothers of yours were really talking quite ‘nicely’ *koff* about your weight. Hah.

But all in all, the dinner was fun.. and im still feeling full two days later from it, so its gotta be good. More in the Food post after this.


A quite rushed family picture, really.


(you know you love it)


A casual melaka lunch!! Yummy yum yum my favourites are all gathered: Curry Chicken, Fried Prawns (HUGE :O), and spinach, and anchovies, and tea eggs and soft, succulent beef. *droool*


..frogs legs! Aw dont look like that they were sibeh tasty!! Dunno where they got the frogs from though..


Curry Fish with Tofu! Best parts were the cheeks.. my fav. I should have taken an ‘after’ picture!

And then..




The top one is crab cooked with salted egg yolk sauce.. which is one of the BEST.

And the other is softly steamed crab with egg whites.

Man, i remember i got one of the crab heads and it was full of crab egg…..

…im gonna find something to eat. Laters.

Note: Meeting up with some more SSM-ers later on! But the plans are kind of Mong-cha-cha dunno whats happening or who is coming. Will update after.


One thought on “Melaka

  1. Tayfam8 says:

    Ah Ghee’s new house is impressive. Always great to see family members in M’cca and KL.

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