Working hard!

Yeah, working hard on the blog, and facebook and organising the mass (and mess) of photos taken in the last 48 hours.

So, a bit late: Logs on visit to old neighbourhood and such.

Took some time out to visit my grandma (on my mothers side of the fam-bam) back in the old ‘hood, aka Cheras. Man the place has changed a lot.. and yet not changed at all. Everything is pretty much almost the same as usual, except my old house which i refuse to mention due to the fact that it has now been repainted ugly. (Who chooses a bright orange theme for the house and adds on bright-baby-blue coloured window grills and gate? Bleurgh.) I actually have a picture but it mysteriously doesnt load onto the blog. Why? Too fugly, thats why.


The mango tree, which has loaded our house for a generation (mine) with free and luscious mangoes has been chopped down in place of more industrous concrete to house their new car. Words cannot express…. rrggh..


..anyway.. heres a little pic of my old playground, which i swear used to be a lot bigger.


And my (mothers side) cousins cat! But actually not theirs. Anyone who’s been to my house knows exactly the situation im talking about.

I may as well introduce some pictures of my other cousins, fathers side, so show they’re doing well and all that blah. Great fun has been had in the time ive been here! And things are great as usual.



Did i mention we went to Sushi King? The King of fast-food sushi?


My favourites, albeit one. From the left: Jellyfish, Egg Mayo, and Baby Octopus!

Absent: Unagi (Eel!)

After the meal… we headed down to the basement of the shopping complex, where there lies a huge SKATING RING! I had to practically drag my cousin onto the ice.. but it was well worth it.





Us after 2/1half hours of grueling ice skating.. Its funny how you end up being covered in sweat even on the ice.

Fun Fact: Sunway gloves are in bright neon colours! I actually traded my right-hand glove with another chick’s parallel coloured one. Its a bit smaller than a guy glove, but the designs definitely cooler dont you reckon?



One thought on “Working hard!

  1. mama says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time!! Nice.

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