Food Update.

So, er looks like my blog’s not very popular leh, a total of one hit only the past few days.. and im pretty sure that was me! ..nevermind, ill write it for the benefit of myself eh?

So heres just a simple food update up to today.


Roti Telur! RM 1.80 (NZD 0.50)


Tom Yum Soup.. RM 4.50 (NZD $2)


Mee Suah (Free!) My grandma’s speciality and one of my favourites.


Ban Chan Ko for dessert… NZD $0.30!


..and steak from T.G.I.F’s (Thank God Its Friday) dinner with the SSM crew.

This was RM 50, with a RM 7.50 bottomless pepsi cup, a total of around 20-25 NZD for a steak dinner! Super cheap.

Actually this was a really weird steak for me, because its like a western dish cooked in a asian style, if you follow. Think it was marinated in a sweet soy (teriyaki-ish) sauce before cooking and ive really never really tried this taste before. Strange, but good. Small portions though… but that may just be because of my appetite.


3 thoughts on “Food Update.

  1. mama says:

    Drool drool more yum. great pics!

  2. Jian says:


    BTW we’re trying to figure out who’s cat that is. Who who? And what do you mean those who’ve been to my house? You mean Wellington? Is it stray? and how come don’t have my picture at the banner?

  3. 0jay says:

    HAHA the cat was at zhi yangs place lo. And yeah Wellington. Lol what do you mean by we?

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