And the Third day…

So.. life in sunway is fun! It takes a only grueling ten-minute walk to Sunway Pyramid.. the shopping complex (which is actually no joke since its so hot and hazy), and life is good. I actually went shopping the other day and bought a pair of jeans, a jersey, tshirt and some togs during the mid-afternoon in mid-week.. so, practically noone was there. Even the ice-skating rink had only about ten or twenty or so people. One thing i noticed though that the difference between shopping here and nz is that in msia, the shopkeepers stalk you like hounds to fresh meat.

I dunno whether its the fact that you might be a potential thief, or whether its the fact that they get paid in commission, but i found the stickiness of the nearest shopkeep quite distracting..


And on the way back.. i actually spotted some trees! Strange.

Ha kidding.. though a spot like this is rather rare (imo at least). One thing though.. coming out of this innocent pathway, right, i almost got hit by a motorcycle speeding the opposite direction of traffic along the pedestrian walkway! Jeez. Although its nothing to be sneezed at i guess its pretty common.

So, in retrospect, it pays highly to look both ways whereever you are walking along in the streets..


..and down as well, of course!

On the way back for dinner.. i passed by a donut shop that was too good to just pass by.. so i ended up buying a 2 dozen packet of munchkins from J.CO – ‘The Ultimate Donut & Coffee Shop’. YUM


Flavours include, from the top left, across, and forthwith:

Alcapone , Caviar choco, Oreo, Caviar Mint, Coco Loco, Mango, Tira Missu, Crunchy, Cheese Me Up, Why Nut, Mona Pizza, and Heaven Berry.

Then afterwords, the menu for dinner..


Asam Fish!


..Chili Crab!


..and Longan for dessert! *drool*

So all in all, pretty ‘mazing day on the equator, with food and shopping galore and a total of four ice-cold showers. Banzai!


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