Why so like that one..

SO first post since leaving (2nd one actually the stupid computer deleted my draft) and it is kind of bittersweet. Some hiccups but here i am (finally) in the interior of Changi waiting to board my flight to KL ar round 1pmish.

The flight here was actually pretty good, no complaints. Same old same old.. watched a couple of movies, some entourage and family guy, and got a little bit of sleep inbetween the baby nearby crying (you should have heard the mom though) and the guy next to me playing some really loud music. Everything was fine at this point, and i arrived safely at Changi at around 5.30 am.

But guess its not so simple eh. So here i was leaving the plane thinking “hey i should get everything all checked in as soon as possible so i dont have to worry about bags and stuff” and “then i can travel round the big interior luxury bit and take pictures and relax”.

So off i went to get my bags and boarding pass. Or so i thought.

TURNS OUT that Jetstar asia doesnt allow passengers to check in before 2/1half hours before your flight actually departs for domestic flights.

So i ended up camping beside the big glass window in the tiny space allowed to camp staring longingly inside at the plug points (for my laptop) and the stores that i should be browsing… sigh. Fun times fun times.

But nothing i cant deal with. Ended up at starbucks anyway with my feet up so alls good. Then, another hiccup comes along while i was trying to check in after what was quite a boring but strangely upbeat 5 hours at starbucks. (hah wonder why).

Ok, so here i was checking im my bag when i got told politely that it was over-weight. Upon asking how much it was, the guy responded with “eh dont worry sir it’ll only be eight dollars.” So i was like: Ok sweet its only eight dollars i dont have to repack everything.

Watching my bag being carried down the belt i ahd this stange feeling. It was justified a moment later at the payment counter when i found out that the charge was actually eight dollars only…. per kilo. Aiiiiyaah why are asians so cheeky when it comes to money matters huh. So ofc i ran back to the guy and asked if i could get my bag back… in the end, inbetween comments of:

“Eh sorry sir your bag oledi packed and sent off. Sure cannot get back in time for your flight.”


“Eh sorry sir i told you it was going to be eight dollars”


“Eh sorry sir youre overweight”

Sly fox.

I decided to take the higher moral ground. (Read: I gave up and paid.)

So anyway here i am finally inside changi airport, looking forward to going back home! I should go as my time is running out and the indian guy behind my is politely *cough cough*ing. (quite rudely, imho)

Will try and upload some pictures when i can.

Note: Watched ‘The boat that rocked’ on the flight and it was actually pretty good. Weird but funny.


3 thoughts on “Why so like that one..

  1. alan says:

    haha ive had that before my mum saved me 8 dollars times how many in the end???

  2. Upinini-bread says:

    your first comment ever!!! and its from me!!!! yay!!!! you’re having fun!!! yay!!! we all love starbucks!!!

  3. alex says:

    come back oi stop running off to random Asian and European countries lol

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