Sunway at last!

Post #2: Great Leaps and Bounds typing on this blog! My last one was a shambles so two posts in such a short time definitely merits a mention.

Well before i begin, heres a picture of me and my lovely mother:

Beautiful, right? I know, i know.

So yeah anyway.. turns out the airports were pretty cool in the end, problems or no problems. Especially the travellators.. those things are so much fun i swear!

singapore airport

This is in Changi i believe.. one of the few pictures i managed to take in the end because i had to head straight to the gate after delaying the check-in process that time.

..And this was the jetstar asia plane that i travelled on! Was quite tough to get this picture as i was being jostled around quite a bit by those crafty asians.

Maybe its just me, but it seems that all (excluding me) Malaysians are masters at cutting in line / queues. I swear i was standing there to board with my bags and trolley and everything when before i knew it there were like 5 other people cutting in front of me. Like i wasnt even there at all. Seriously.

But they were quite funny actually, i mean, has anyone ever seen 5 middle aged asian ladies all trying to cut inconspicuously in front of each other?? It was never ending i tell you. It turned out to be worth the extra waiting time.

So, finally making my way across KLIA (KL Int. Airport), i spot my uncle, whos there to pick me up. Only thing is: I havent been back for a while, and combined with my recently shaven visage, he completely ignored me. I must have looked like a fool, frantically waving to someone who was blatantly bypassing  me! Ended up having to go all the way around the glass wall to greet him in person.

But yeah, so all’s G in this part of the woods a.k.a., Sunway! I really got to see about getting a pair of togs and maybe hitting the water park next week. Anyway, went to a mamak stall to eat (of course), and the food, atmosphere was very nostalgic and great. The best part being, that this meal took place straight after dinner!

So heres a mountain of Roti Tisu (Tissue Bread), which is a very very thin crust of bread with a sugary coating on the inside.

..not to mention, YUM one of my all-time favs Nasi Lemak! (translates to…Fatty Rice…. i guess….). Its a pretty simple wrapping of rice, egg, roast peanuts, anchovies, and sambal in a banana leaf. Best part? It cost approximately $NZD 0.40.

Nuff’ Said.

EDIT: FUN FACT! While being randomly selected for drug screening, the machine actually gave me a failed result two times before the green light. hur hur hurr


One thought on “Sunway at last!

  1. mama says:

    Yum yum, hope you think of us here when you are having all that lovely food!

    Queue cutting? Yup that’s the norm over there.

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