Montralean subway map


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Finally – a picture of the storefront


..its been what, seven months now?

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Way back home

Currently hogging two seats on the bus on the way back to Toronto from Montreal. Tried to upload a video before but its just not working. Oh, the videos i took on my crappy phone camera are too bad  quality to be watched anyway.
So yeah, back to work tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday, and then koko is coming over Thursday night. Hmmm haven’t told him that hanee is the one that’s going to be picking him up at pearson yet. Ill try and talk to him soon. Or if you’re reading this then i guess i won’t have to!
I guess the next week is going to be a big week, heading to niagara falls on the Friday i believe..
Plus, i haven’t really decided yet, but this girl came by the apartment just before i left for Montreal to let me know that’s she’s moving out due to a family emergency. Haven’t had a chance to look at her place yet, but the rent isn’t that much higher.. if its a nice room ( and apparently its got a big window) then i might actually think about it. Ill check out the place first i guess.
Anyway so yeah, Montreal’s done, it was heaps of fun and really interesting! Montrealeans have quite an awesome culture that’s for sure.

Thanks again Thomas and Francois for hosting me and jack while in Montreal! We’re really grateful anxiety hope to repay you somehow someday. Salut!

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Slept in..

..feels great.


Couchsurfing is still awesome

Met our couchsurfer safely, at bonaventure station. He and his girlfriend took us to the local beer festival, and it was great fun!

We tried some random beers, either made from mushrooms or hibiscus, or other random stuff. There was this ginger one that actually tasted quite like ginger, it was kinda weird.

The flat we’re in now is really quite nice, three bedrooms shared between two guys and they only pay three hundred bucks each for rent! Seems unbelievable.

So all three, Thomas, his girlfriend and flatmate are all musicians by the way. They play jazz guitar, the violin and the bass respectively.. how cool is that? These guys are cool as heck.

Anyway, looking forward to checking out more places in Montreal tomorrow! Old port, botanical gardens and maybe mcgill university here we come!

Also, crèpes tomorrow for breakfast! Maple syruppppppp

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On the road to Montreal

Currently sitting on the most comfy bus trip that I’ve ever been on… me and jack are heading to Montreal for the weekend, will be back home Monday around midnight, just in time for work slash school haha.

We got here early so got one of the best seats on the bus, the very front of the second floor. Trips lookin good so far!

Had our lunch of fruits and a salmon slash ham sandwich, and just woke up from a short nap. Back hurts, but the fact that we have space to put our legs up makes up for that haha.

When we get to the station (metro berri uqam), we’re buying a three day metropass and heading to bonaventure station to meet our couchsurfer host.
More details will follow as we get to know him!


Weather’s awesome by the way.


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Free gym and chicken roast

Went to hanee’s place today to use her gym – its included in her apartment lease so i plan to take as much of an advantage of it while i can haha.
She’s never really used the gym before so it’s up to me to show her around the equipment. Which is kinda tougher than i thought it would be! I didn’t realise that planning the schedule and exercises would be so different between guys and girls. ..
I guess i just don’t know slash never really understood how hard it is when you’re just starting out and never really did many sports or exercised before.

Ended up turning to a women’s exercise magazine i got online for help haha. Guess I’d better learn quick. Haven’t been to the gym myself in a while so it’s tough for me too.

…….and after i managed to devour a whole roast chicken. Hey, protein am i right?

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What probably will be my most profound memory from Toronto

… will most likely be taking the ttc. I’m on the packed like crazy Dufferin bus, passing by the Dufferin mall right now. This bus is often late, always packed, probably except only on the early morning schedules. Also, Dufferin street recently got named as the worst street in uh.. Ontario i think.
Riding the bus feels more like the rollercoaster than anything, with all the potholes and bumps in the road.

…well, im only complaining though.

..and the trains smell.


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